Cater to your Christmas Holiday Makers

While most people make the most of the festive period at home with family, may opt to head aboard with their children in tow to get some much needed some sun and sea.

These consumers need clothes for their holidays, and in most high street stores you’ll see the summer sale rack nearly empty and instead the stores filled with cosy woollens, red jumpers and festive novelty knits.

These consumers will need swim suits, shorts and skirts and most often will turn to small retailers to meet their needs.

If you’re an online retailer you’ve got the edge – the shift to shopping online continues and more and more consumers are choosing to shop online for sought after items that browsing through smaller stores.

However, if you do own a store front footfall will always bring you sales if you set your prices and offers right.

Our wholesale swimwear collection provides the perfect opportunity to buy and sell good quality wholesale swimwear at the prices you can offer.

Our prices are the most competitive in the market and we allow you to mix and match our wholesale swimwear items so you can create the perfect bundle for yourself.

This allows you to get the best variation across products for men, women and children.

In our children’s section, can find these fantastic brightly printed shorts and these polka dotted swim skirt.


Another idea is to have a father and son offer – with these beach palm printed shorts for boys and these similar ‘sunset on the beach’ board shorts for men.

You could also combine that with a whole family – or a mother and daughter set. Why not combine this bright pink two piece and these girls striped swim shorts?

Bargain deals will go a long way on customers desperate to find decent quality wholesale swimwear.

If you’re looking to buy wholesale swimwear or items, we offer a variety of styles for men, Ladies and children, see what offers Stockover has or drop us a call/email for any further inquiries: 0116 274 3955 or