Wholesale Christmas Gift Ideas

We’ve all had that feeling when we just don’t know what to buy our friends or relatives. And like all consumers we often browse stores to give ourselves ideas for what to buy. As an independent retailer, it’s also a good idea to give your customers those ideas and provide a place for those ideas to become sales.

It’s easy to do so – simply create an area or stand designated to Christmas. This is simply! Simply add some cheap festive decorations and lights for a cheerful atmosphere. Christmas displays are proven to make people feel included and more willing to buy – so if you display the products right, you’re more likely to get a sale. Why not play some cheery Christmas jingles as well?

Now that you’ve got your stand ready, you need to stock it with some wholesale festive and novelty items. An easy thing to do with Stockover! Our Christmas stock just waiting for you to order. See our previous blog on all our new Christmas stock here.

So what makes the perfect stocking filler or gift? At the time when your customers don’t know what to pick, they’re most likely to find something generic, humorous, si810087bkmple and wearable.

Our items provide just that – your customers can imagine their relatives and friends opening them, laughing and wearing them. So let’s take a dive into the specifics of those products.

First off, these great novelty socks will do perfectly for stocking filters and for bulking up your gift. With a reindeer embroidered on the side this makes them perfect for Christmas but also wearable.


If you fancy something a little fancier why not choose a slipper – these plush slippers make a perfect slip on and will definitely be welcomed by the person receiving it.

If you’re looking to buy wholesale items, we offer a variety of styles for men, Ladies and children, see what offers Stockover has or drop us a call/email for any further inquiries: 0116 274 3955 or info@stockover.co.uk