A Look at our Wholesale Men’s Products

We’ve noticed out blogs seem to focus mainly on the ladies’ products that we offer. this week we’re changing that.

Our range of wholesale underwear and socks for men is of the best quality and will have something for you to choose from.

When it comes to comparing between ladies and men’s underwear there is a huge difference – not only does the ladies range have a lot more of selection b


Striped Men’s Boxers

ut they tend to be more brightly coloured.


However, at Stockover, we also provide a decent range of products for the men,

Firstly, Let’s take a look at the underwear that’s on offer. we have three different styles of boxers – the first of which the perfect every day.

The striped variety are elasticated for the best fit and comfort, they’re also made of 100% cotton so can withstand wear and tear while still being as comfortable as possible.

Men's Wholesale Argyle Socks

Men’s Wholesale Argyle Socks

What’s more, they come in 4 different colours in tones of grey, red, blue and black.

We also offer a different version but without stripes – so plain boxers in packs of 3. These are also fully elasticated, and are made of 100% cotton.

They are perfect for everyday use and come in a variety of colours ranging from white, grey, black, navy and teal.

Finally, in the boxer’s section we have the novelty tomb raider boxers. These make the perfect items to stock at any festive period – including Halloween. They also make good stocking fillers. They are available in black or grey.

And lastly don’t miss out on our range of wholesale men’s socks. We have the more everyday socks and also have novelty socks to choose from.

Our everyday socks include argyle, stripes and geometric patterns. Whiles they are quite bright they are still perfect for everyday wear as they are made of 100% cotton.


If you’re looking to buy wholesale items, we offer a variety of styles for men, Ladies and children, see what offers Stockover has or drop us a call/email for any further inquiries: 0116 274 3955 or info@stockover.co.uk