How small businessess can make Black Friday Even Better

Black Friday and small business Saturdays are those days in the year where sales are key. Here are some tips and tricks for next year to help boost your profits during this season.

  1. Provide that added support

Large stores don’t have time to add personal touches to their events, as a small business get all your staff fully clued in about all the items you’re offering and where they are. You can chat about the products, recommend others which allows you to upsell and cross sell. Don’t miss out on key facts like how your underwear is made from 100% cotton – See the high waisted 100% cotton pants we offer here

  1. A tailored shopping servicePLU212275 rd

As a smaller store, you’ll probably have a smaller, but more bespoke number of customers – this means you know your customer profile well enough to offer a tailored shopping service. Most people use black Friday to buy all their Christmas presents (See out Christmas novelty socks here) and would love to be taken around it simply buy all their gifts in one place and time.


  1. Offer some cosiness

With smaller stores, you can seem a haven to weary shoppers who’ve been bombarded with deals all day – offering that small respite can go a long way in terms of reciprocity. Offer a cup of tea, or some biscuits for the weary customers and see how that can help. Why not place the resting section near to your best offers shelf – go for a softly-softly approach to getting the customers to buy from you and see where it can lead you in terms of sales.

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